Friday, 10 September 2010

Wahya getting famous, Tjalve and his father succeed at the Belgian Club Match and Tova's first eye examination

Yes, I know, I promised to write more often but there were a lot of other things to do (actually I was very busy with my arts and craft stuff, creating some of my best works...) and there was nothing new on the wolfdog front that by all means had to be written here. But now I'll return with some really cool stuff (and a lot at once today;)):

1. Wahya is on the cover of the danish rock band Apollo's new album cover:

Here you can find even more pictures - just scrool through the songs! There are 3 pictures of Wahya

2. Tjalve and his Dad Kiowa were quite successful at the recent Belgium Club Match -
Tjalve won in the "young males class" with "excellent", his father won the "open class males" with the same result. Kiowa even won the clubmatch, is best of breed, best male and is now official Belgium Champ C.A.C. !!!

a father and his sons

3. Last but not least I am happy to say that the yearly eye-examination (by the way Tova's first one) was without any abnormal results for Skadi as well as for her daughter.