Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Isa - Arktis Migina von der Eickeler Burg

Isa was born the 19.8.2005 in Germany, where she was one of 5 puppies in the A-litter of the kennel "Von der Eickeler Burg".
Her pedigree-name is Arktis Migina.

She is a medium sized female and shows a very uncommon color for this breed.
There are two different types of white Saarlooswolfdogs - snow-white with black noses and cream-white with liver-colored noses.
Isa belongs to the latter type.
Both color-types are very seldom and as far as I know there are hardly 10 of them living nowadays.

She is a very friendly dog towards people she knows but mentally rather unstable and nervy under unfamiliar conditions.
The for the breed so typical reserved behavior towards strange people and circumstances tends sometimes to increase to real panic in Isa's case.
However she made huge advances in this matter during the last months and lots of visitors here at our place improved her ability to adept to new faces more and more.

She requires a lot of petting and caressing and she is also a bit more obedient than our other bitch Skadi.
The most special thing about Isa is her enjoyment of life when we are out in nature.
She almost has a smile on her face when she is running through the forests, jumping over streams or simply playing with her older cousin Skadi.

Her social behavior towards other dogs is not that good, probably due to some serious attacks from older dogs in her younger days.
She appears somehow unconfident of herself and therefore tries to avoid any contact with other female dogs or groups of specimen at all.

There are no plans to breed with Isa yet.

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