Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Skadi - Anouk Yakima-Meyatuch

Skadi was born the 25.4.2004 in Switzerland, where she was one of 8 puppies in the A-litter of the kennel Yakima-Meyatuch.
Her pedigree-name is Anouk.

She is a medium, rather small sized grey female with a strong facial expression due to a very distinctive mask.

She is a very calm dog and mental really well-balanced, reserved towards strangers without being frightened or stressed at all.
It's always her curiosity which holds to upper hand in new or unfamiliar situations.
Usually she's not very fond of being caressed or petted by strangers, though she likes cuddling occasionally.

Her social behavior towards other dogs is rather uncomplicated as a rule.
She appears somehow self confident with her body language showing traits of dominance but usually without a tendency to aggression.

This stable character makes her our first choice for breeding.
We hope to get puppies from her this spring (april 2009).

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