Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Kiowa and Skadi - a wintertale... and hopefully puppies in April

We are very proud to announce that our bitch Skadi finally was mated with a dream male from the Netherlands, called Kiowa.
The first mating took place in Halsteren, Netherlands on Wedensday the 18. 02.2009 and was repeated two days in a row.
One week before the mating the male, his owner and his breeder had been over here in Sweden, enjoying the winter and giving the dogs the possibility to get to know each other.
I followed them with Skadi back to Holland where the dogs mated directly.
Kiowa descends from the belgian Kennel "Wolfwaerts" where he was born on 18.04.2001 under the name Wolfwaerts Abaloo.
He is a beautiful male with an amazingly fine and stable character.
If the mating was a success will be certain in the end of march and will be announced here of course.
A lots of thanks for everything to Marleen and Arthur, Katrien and everyone who made this possible so far!

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