Sunday, 9 August 2009

Arn visiting his birthplace

Unfortunately I did not have the time to drive up to Värmland again last week. But instead Arn and his family visited us yesterday on their way back home to Germany.
They had a wonderful time in the midst of a wolf-territory (yes, they even heard them howl!), but only one week in Sweden is always to short...
So the last bigger stop in Sweden was a certain highlight for the dogs again - Arn enjoyed being on known territory, playing with his sister and his fellow Kaya... The videos show how much fun they had:

But also Skadi was involved in this rampage around our house - no matter if with her offspring or youngster Kaya - she was behaving almost like a pup herself.Skadi looks a bit terrible at the moment - after the stress with the rearing of the pups and especially the Tova-Monster she lost a huge part of her coat - the summer heat is doing on last thing... She has nearly no black or darker colored dorsal hair left which makes her kind of strange looking unicolored.For us it was a weird feeling to see our Arn in this familiar surrounding again - the following picture is a good example - I remember him like yesterday, standing there with 4 or 5 weeks...
And now he stands at the same place, in the same pose but a lot bigger - strange and beautiful feeling!
Stefan and Annika, it was really a pleasure that you visited us - Thank you!!!

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