Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The long awaited update!

Well, it has been a very long time since my last entry even though I wanted to post something all the time. But there were a thousand reasons keeping me away from my computer.
First of all I had to get my buisness running again after dedicating all my time to the dogs under the first months of this year. So I was working a lot and used the computer/internet for this purpose almost exclusively. Furthermore the weather was great and I prefered to spend some more time outdoors.

Then something happend which forced me again to give all my attention to the dogs again - Skadi and Isa had a fight!

Everyone who owns multiple dogs of the same sex knows and fears this problem, being one of the most terrible things that can happen and menace the peaceful continuity of the pack.
Fortunately Skadi and Isa have a very deep and special connection which couldn't be destroyed by one single occasion like this. However it shows that something was going wrong and that some work is needed to put their relationship and with it the order of our pack back on the track.
A lot of motion is always a helpful first step, so we spent very much time into the forest these days!
Now the pack is at peace again and there are no visible tensions between the two adults, however we have become very careful now.

Little Tova isn't that little anymore - actually she is already quite big and heavy. She has about 22 kg and it wont take very long until she is as big as her mother.
Her set of teeth is almost completely changed at this point.

Tova is a real nice dog, not shy at all, she is very curious and active, loving to be outside in nature. She likes new people and wants to play with everyone. She is also a lot more cuddly than her mother. With a few exceptions her urge for destruction is limited to her toys - at least inside the house ;)
She loves her mother and auntie Isa very much, however she is occasionally still a bit to wild for them.
Additional to the fotos above a little slideshow with some pictures from the last weeks:

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