Monday, 7 December 2009

7 months update for Wahya ;)

Finally - with some delay ;) - here comes the story about Wahya you are all waiting for!

"Here is a little story about Wahya.
Wahya is our first Saarloos wolfhound and the day we got her, a wish of many years came true.
We have been breeding Golden Retrievers and Labradors for many years and have owned Irish wolfhounds for many years as well, but Wahya is quite different from any of the dogs we have had through the years.
From day one when she entered our house and our dog family, we knew she was very special.
She walked around in the house, like she had lived here all her life. She greeted our leader Easy with a little kiss and walked on to meet the other dogs. The first evening she entered our bed and placed herself between me and Lars for the night.
Tacy one of the Golden Retrievers became her aunt and teacher. Among other things she taught Wahya how to climb the stairs to our bedroom. Tacy took a few steps and waited for Wahya, then she took a few steps more and waited and as Wahya followed, they reached the top of the staircase. Then Wahya ran all the way down the stairs and up again like she was saying “look I can do it myself!”
During the months we have lived with her she has developed a very strong personality.
She is very observant. She looks and learns and she only needs to see something one time to know how it is done. She is able to open our dustbins. They have an electronic opener and you need to lead your hand across the sensor and then it opens. Wahya saw me doing this one time, and then she put her nose on the sensor and the dustbin opened.

Wahya is not a dog – she is a wolf – no doubt about that. She is made of wolf and German Sheppard and one should think that there will be some wolf and some German Sheppard in her, but I can´t find the German Sheppard in her. I have been training German Sheppards on the Royal Danish Air force dog school, where I worked and I believe that I know these dogs and their minds.
A German Sheppard is in fact one of the most easy dogs to train. They love to obey their trainer, and they love to do the same exercise over and over again.
It is fairly easy to teach a German Sheppard how not to bite in furniture, other dogs, walls, beds and clothes.
It is nearly impossible to teach Wahya anything, except the things she can see the meaning in. She have her own mind, and if she is told “NO” for biting in the furniture, she looks up – stare at you with her beautiful yellow eyes, and continue to bite in the table.
She loves her walks with the other dogs in our big field, and she is a very skilled mouse catcher.
She is the most charming dog, we have ever seen. It is impossible to get mad at her, because she know exactly how to turn on the charm, and make us laugh. She seems to have a way of looking into your soul, when you talk to her. She looks firmly into your eyes and talks loudly with a deep growl or a high pitched tone. She is very special to us.
We DO love her very much."

Lars and Merete

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