Monday, 7 June 2010

And Now for Something Completely Different

Indeed this entry has not to much to do with our dogs or our kennel. It's not even about dogs in general. But hey - it's a blog and it is there to enable me to share my thoughts with you, dear reader. So I 'll show you something completely different today.
It's about nature and it's beauty, it's circles and it's necesseties.
Please look at this picture:

It's kind of beautiful, isn't it. Okay, it's not the human-made kind of elegancy and if you are a convinced big city dweller with no connection to mother earth at all, you might not be able to see the grace that is inherent in this nest. But then it is not that likely that you will read this blog anyhow.
Even if it is not of a ravishing beauty, it has this typical primordial charm. I don't know what kind of bird inhabited this wonderfully crafted home and if it's offspring hatched out and survived or if the neighbour's cat or even a wild lynx completed the circle of life in advance. What I know is that I found this little thing a few days ago after a windy night and that I took it and delighted in it.
Why did I post this here on a blog that mostly deals with my pack of Saarlooswolfdogs? If you look at it carefully you might guess the reason. I wrote these lines and uploaded this photo because of the fact that this nest is almost entirely build out of our dogs' wintercoats. They lost a lot of fur a while ago (and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!!!), first of all Tova - it always seems to me their first winterfur is the most beautiful one!
We are used to brush them out in the garden - and with it we obviously do a favour to the rich birdlife of our area. This gives one a kind of feeling of affiliation. We can give something back to this world we call our home!
Another thing I want to point out, is that we all should learn (again) to enjoy the small things. Most of us got stuck in stress, problems and a daily routine, a sickness that kills our souls day by day.
But there's just this small advice this little nest can give you - the cure is out there and you will see it if your eyes are open!


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