Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Tova in the city

After few days of silence some news from our little Tova. She is doing really well - a sometimes wild and sometimes calm, friendly and cuddly pup, not anxious but in strange situation a bit reserved - that's how we like our Saarlooswolfhond!

As we live in a quite unpopulated and calm area, we have to go a bit by car to show Tova the big world out there - something we regularly do to make her familiar with all the weird things going on in the city!
From time to time she is a little skeptic but also very curious. She don't needs much time to adapt to new situations and she is never panicked, so far she show a very stable temper.
One thing that still is a big problem for Tova is to go by car - she is vomiting everytime - it seems that she - as the only pup of the whole litter - comes after her mom in this regard.
Skadi still hates to go by car with her 5 years of age.

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