Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Tova in the Woods - Summertime in Skaraborg

Today it is time for some new pictures of our pack - or at least of our youngest member Tova.
She is almost 12 weeks old now, stands 43 cm high at the shoulder and had a weight of 11,5 kg at the last measurement with 11 weeks.
We are enjoying the summer now - the weather is quite passable at the moment - it is not hot, some rain and some sun. The first wild fruits are ripe, you can find wood strawberries...
...blueberries and even some mushrooms - in deed I had my first chanterelles yesterday for lunch. This weather is of course perfect for nice walks in the woods - Tova loves it and I guess every little dogs would like to grow up in a surrounding like that:

More pics here!

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