Sunday, 25 October 2009

6 months update part III

Let's look at our own little lady tonight - yeah, it's time for Tova (nickname "Angelwitch")
Well, she isn't actually that little anymore, but the youngest one is always considred the little one I guess.
She is truly our dreamdog's incarnation - her temper is exactly the mixture between a wild beast and a sweet and lovely pet you would expect from a young Saarlooswolfhond.
Being in contact with all the owners of her siblings I can say, that she is quite the same in her whole behaviour. She is very playful and cheeky and really has a mind of her own. However, compared to her mother, she loves to play with us and wants to involve us in any of her rampages and malpratices. Skadi always acted more discreetly when commiting her crimes. Nevertheless Tova is very obedient most of the time, at least in comparison to her adult pack members at that young age ;) The bond between us and her is so unbelievable strong...

When it comes to her behaviour in odd situations or towards unknown people, she is quite more open minded and stable than her mother was when she was younger. With Skadi it was hard work to get her as calm as she is today, Tova seems to be born with this doughty attitude towards the strange things in life. I suppose she got that trait for her father.

During the last few weeks we had different totally strange people in our house - one time two very nice women from the swedish Kennel Club who did a regular Kennel inspection (which was btw. without any negative annotation) and another time a chimney sweeper.
While the two SKK-ladies were not of a threatening appearance, the sweep looked quite suspicious with his black clothes and face and all his weird and loud tools.
At least Skadi seemed to have this opinion and met the workman with a healthy wariness. Tova on the other hand overwhelmed him with the same wild and curious fondness as any other visitor. His pursuit to clean our chimney was simply to exciting...
It seems we were successful with our socialisation.

Unfortunately we still have serious problems between our two adult bitches, Tova however loves both of them and shows the pronounced and varying social behaviour of a sane wolfdog-temper.

to be continued...

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