Tuesday, 27 October 2009

6 moths update part IV

Today it is time for Roffe:

When the First Brown male was born, i had an immediate connexion with him. I already said when there is a brown male in this litter, I want a pup.

And there was Roffe, he is a great dog. He is curious but has a strong character. When the pups were little he was the quiet one of the gang. He was always sleeping a lot when we visited the pups. Now he is a real strong-minded pup, he likes to do things his way. And if it is not going the way he wants, he don’t want to do it. He reminds me a lot of Thunga (his grandmother), she has the same strong-minded character. You see a lot of things coming back when you look at Roffe.

We go to the dog school with him and he is doing very well over there, there is also an other saarloospup in the school, Elanka, She is his best friend and they really like each other very much.

His best friend at home is Inca, they can really play like mad dogs and they are both loving it. Kamatz doesn’t like to play, he is really lazy and he is a little grumpy when Roffe wants to play with him, but Roffe don’t care, he tries every time again.

Then we have his grandmother, Thunga, and he can play with here, but he also has a lot of respect for her. They look quite simular and now Roffe Is getting bigger it’s sometimes very difficult to see if it’s him or Thunga. And that is sometimes quite funny.

And then there is Asco, he is a hovawart and he is the big boss in here. So Roffe really has a lot of respect for him. But he can do a lot with Asco, pull his ears, his tail, stand on top of him, it is all ok. But when Asco says enough, he stops immediately.

He is a really great pup and we really love him very much. He still has a lot of things to learn and I’ve noticed that he is getting a little bit more reserved in some situations, but that’s quite normal on this age of course.

His biggest hobby is eating. I think that it was already from the day he was born. He really loves food a lot. We are really happy to have him in our pack.

Bigg hugs from Katrien en Peter and of course the other pack members; Thunga, Asco, Kamatz, Inca and last but not least, Roffe

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