Friday, 23 October 2009

The "pups" are 6 months now

After a while without any update (sorry, but there's a lot going on right now with almost no time for internet-activities) we want to celebrate the puppies becoming six months old today.
To celebrate this, we will post a short text about every one of the litter written by the pups owners.
Let's start with Tjalve:

Tjalve 6 months!

Since the day he was born I fell in love with this small brown new life!

Kiowa, Tjalve’s dad was my first Saarlooswolfdog and I always had the dream to welcome his son one day…

Of course I felt really proud when the pups were born. All of them beautiful pups with their own character and temperament.

Kiowa and Skadi had become a wonderful couple together and now they have their offspring.

Tjalve was from the beginning a very curious and open-minded pup with a strong character.

He likes to do things “his” way ;-)

From the first day her in Holland he saw his dad as his big idol

His auntie Kaoni as his best friend

His uncle Timber as his big teddy bear

Together a pack of four in nice harmony!

Well, back to Mr. Tjalve himself…

During my daily work ( Grooming Studio) Tjalve is my best assistant.

He likes it a lot and this way he gets to know a lot of different dog breeds. He likes them all, big or small…

Except for one old English Bulldog…In Tjalve’s mind this dog makes strange noises and has a funny face ;-)

Of course we go for nice walks in the forest…into town…the beach…

At the beach we mostly walk with other Saarlooswolfdogs, a lot of fun for dogs and humans with afterwards all together at a nice beach-restaurant.

Today Tjalve weighs 24,5 kg and with his longer hair a very handsome young fellow ;-)

He still is very curious about everything and everybody, still open-minded but with a healthy doses of reservation.

He is the clown of the family and makes a lot of people laugh. When he wants he can be very cuddly too.

He also thinks of himself as the tough guy and knows all about the world already.

Lately he is trying to be a bit dominant over his dad, but of course dad laughs about him, or ignores him, or punishes him (the Saarloos way). It all depends on the way Tjalve has mis-behaved.

Well, Tjalve is just a healthy young male with nice puppy behaviour…

Everybody who lives with a Saaorloos will know what I mean ;-)

Now at the age of 6 months he still is my little red Viking who makes me laugh all the time…

To be continued…

Marleen and Tjalve

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