Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Alfa - day 41

This blog entry was in danger again - we had no internet connection most of the day and I almost resigned myself to the fact that we wont be able to update you today. Fortunately it seems to work now, so I will use this lucky circumstance and hurry a bit before it is breaking down again.

First of all, sorry to all of you who may wait for an E-mail response - in addition to our broadband problems these days, I lack the time to answer as fast as I would like to. But maybe you can imagine how it is to shepherd a bunch of steady nibbling young dogs...

We also started with some socialisation practices now, using "tools" like vacuum cleaners, balloons and so on.

Yesterday all of them made initial experiences with their first little collars - you can see it on some of the pictures of "Alfa - day 40".
I will tell you which one got which colour: Arn - dark green; Roffe - blue; Wahya - light green; Tova - orange; Tjalve - purple.
Thanks for the collars and the additional leashes to Marleen!!!

Everyone of them also got the first little feeding bowls last weekend and of course it is still a bit chaotic - they are steadily changing from one to another. And if there are two or more eating from one bowl, you can be sure that the other pups will also move to this one, because it must be better than their own...
Thanks for this fine feeding bowls to Lars and Merete!

As you can see on the pictures the pups are now outside almost the whole days - which is fine for me, because this lessens the destruction of our furniture, books and shoes ;)
The have found some very nice places and most of them prefer to lie under the terrace, where Skadi digged two big "entrances" a few days ago.

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