Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Alfa - day 56

Hell, what a feeling - the hardest part of the whole breeding adventure is coming closer without any mercy. Today was the last day with the whole pack united - already tomorrow Wahya will leave us. It is unbelievable for us, how other breeders are able to give away all of their pups. We will awfully miss little Wahya with her permanent cheerfulness!
To her honor she gets this extra picture today - a picture that couldn't be more characteristic. A friendly dog full of energy that will give a lot of pleasure to her new owners - I am sure about that!

Furthermore you will get this small video beneath, showing the progress of the habituation. The two bravest dogs when it comes to household applinaces are certainly Wahya and especially Tova.
However Tova is the last one when it comes to strangers - in this case it is always Arn and Wahya again who are the first to welcome them. We saw this again today, when we were visited by 3 adults and two children. Arn likes children very much it seems. Tova and Roffe needed a while to overcome their scepsis.
Tjalve is medium in both cases, seemingly dependend on his mood.
But in this video with the vacuum cleaner, which seems still to be the most "dangerous" item in the whole house, you see that Tova knows no fear of dead things at all, even if they are loud. Wahya comes into the game when I add the tube of soft cheese to the scenario ;) Tjalve comes passing by, however still more sceptic than hungry.



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