Thursday, 25 June 2009

Alfa - nine weeks

Today I got some really nice pictures of Tjalve with his dad Kiowa. Their owner Marleen told us, that Kiowa treats his son totally different than other pups, like there is some kind of familiar recognition. He always keeps an eye on little Tjalve, protects him from foreign dogs. It's great to see the two together - if only on photos...

Little Tova went with us on a little trip to our small town Tidaholm were we did a short walk around the town square. She is the only one of the pups that still hates car rides that much - on the way back she vomited again. But it is getting better anyhow.
One more week is over and so we weighed the only left puppy again. It is hard to break with dear customs, you know ;)
She has 9,5 kg now.

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