Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Alfa - day 48

The picture above shows the progress with the habituation to car rides.
Tjalve is driveling, Roffe is vomiting and Tova's look says everything else.
Today we took a ride of maybe 10 minutes to a nice and calm place in the forests near by. There the pups could run around and play before we returned home. Well, the way to the forest was very easy going - no problems at all, not even a single whelp was driveling...

On the way back 3 of them (Roffe, Wahya and Tova) vomited, all of them but Arn driveled and were totally exhausted. Arn only wanted out, but he was very fit. He immediately jumped out of the car after the arrival and waited for the other ones to play. Unfortunately they needed some more time to recover...


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