Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The Alfa pups at their new homes

A few days have past since the puppies of our Alfa-litter left us.
Enough time to get a feedback from all of the future owners.
How are the pups doing? Where and how do they live now?
Some answers to these questions you will get here and now:


Big Roffe had, like his brother Tjalve, the privilege to come into a pack which is quite related to himself - he indeed lives together with his own grandmother Thunga in Belgium! Furthermore there is his uncle named Kamatz, a female Saarlooswolfhond with name Inca, Hovawart Asco and of course his humans Katrien and Peter. As the other pups also Roffe adapted very well to his new surrounding and likes his new pack very much. Yesterday he visited the puppyschool for the first time. Driving by car is no longer a big problem for him, which is quite suprising for us ;)

Wahya was the first one who left us and had therefore the most time to accustom to her new home in Denmark. But she did not need much time at all! Like all of our pups she came into a new home with lots of other dogs, not less than 12 Golden Retrievers and 2 Irish Wolfhounds will be her future companions. She liked her new home right from the start and her owners Lars and Merete also do a lot for her further socialisation. So she can follow with them to their barf clinics, where she already has a lot admirers.
Going by car is no longer a problem for her either.

Like Roffe he will stay in the family - the picture above shows Tjalve with his dad Kiowa.
Together with him, his uncle Timber, his aunt Kaoni and his humans Marleen and Arthur, Tjalve will live in Holland. He is also very happy in his new home, but he misses his siblings. But already on saturday he will meet Roffe again, based on their relatively close residences they will certainly be the ones of the litter who will meet the most.

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