Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Eating in the car

engine off
Here are some videos of the car habituation training. As you know if you follow this blog, for our puppies (as for the most Saarlooswolfhonds) the car is still a very unpleasant issue.
To increase their tolerance for this necessary evil we give them most of their food in the car these days. In the video above you see, that as long as the engine doesn't run there is no problem with the car at all. They willingly follow Steffi to the rear door to get into the automobile and immediately start eating.

In the videos beneath you see the same exercise with a running engine - the pups are a bit unconfident. In the end the result is the same - all of them are eating. The fact that they eat in the car is certainly an advantage - our adult dogs mostly still refuse to eat in the car.

Part 1 - running engine

Part 2 - running engine

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