Saturday, 2 May 2009

Alfa - day 10

Now we got alreay two pups with over 1 kg - it's still amazing how fast they grow! Of course Alfa 2 was the first one to reach this goal, even if he did not gain as much weight as the others during the last days - today he gained 94g.
They also try to walk now, but it still looks rather funny, like a kind of very old turtle.
The eyes are still closed but the slits are getting more and more distinct with every hour.

As you can see on the pictures, Skadi is also really fine - if she is outside with us, you could never think that there are 5 hungry puppies waiting inside the house. She is in a very good mood, calm but active, friendly and absolutely not different than before the birth. This is for us still one of the biggest surprises! After being outside for around a half hour, she always get's the sudden feeling of duty and she goes up to her children again.

Alfa 1
Weight in the morning: 962g
Weight in the evening: 1016g

Alfa 2
Weight in the morning: 1064g

Weight in the evening: 1085g

Alfa 3
Weight in the morning: 898g

Weight in the evening: 903g

Alfa 4
Weight in the morning: 940g

Weight in the evening: 960g

Alfa 5
Weight in the morning: 863g
Weight in the evening: 885g

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