Saturday, 9 May 2009

Name explanation Part 5

Let's continue with the fifth and last name:

Howling Northwind
Anu-windur Tjalve (Alfa 5):

The Ancient Norse anu, meaning "ancestor" makes up the first part of the name Anu-windur.
The second part
winduR is also Ancient Norse and means "winner".
We choosed this name in the high hope that he will obtain all the qualities that make out his parents - then he will be a winner. Maybe of prizes or reputation - but that's not important at all - first and foremost we wish him to be a winner of hearts! (look at him - he already is!)

I already mentioned the name Tjalve in the name explanation Part 3 - it should be seen in this connection. But where does the name itself come from? It derives from the Old Norse þjalfi and means 'the one that encompasses, keeps together', sometimes interpreted as 'conquerer'.
It is a very strong name, suggesting a kind of social power. For us the pronounced social behavior of the Saarlooswolfhond is one of the most important reasons for our adoration of this breed.
May he be a stable and strong minded dog!

Now you know everything about the origins and meanings of the names we chose for our first litter!

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