Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Name explanation Part 3

Let's look at the third name today:

Howling Northwind Alva Röskva Wahya (Alfa 3):

Alva derives from Old Norse ælfR/Old English ælf/Old High German alb and means "elf, natural spirit".
We think that this name is, besides it's very nice sounding, very fitting for this nice female Saarlooswolfhond - look at the pictures and you know why!
Furthermore the old norse name-tradion bases partly on the predestination which arises from the meaning of a name. The name is a kind of prediction or hope how the individual will develop... We wish her to become like an elf!

We found two different meanings of the name Röskva, but we like them both.
The first one is the swedish translation as ”den raska” which means "the rapid, the fast one" - a meaning which we found out to fit to this little dog very well...

The second possible meaning and origin would be the Old Norse rǫskr which means "vigorous, brave, doughty"
Maybe some of you have seen the animated movie "Valhalla", based on the comic book series by Peter Madsen. Then you may remember the two human children who had to follow Thundergod Thor to serve him and his wife Sif in their castle Bilskirnir. These siblings were a girl called Röskva and a boy called Tjalve. And, you already know that the former Alfa 5 is called Tjalve - and so you get half of his name explanation already today ;)
The stories about Röskva and Tjalve and their adventures in the divine world Asgard date back to the Snorre-Edda and the Gutasaga.
The reason to choose these names for Alfa 3 and Alfa 5 is, that they are most similar to each other (at least so far) among the five siblings. Furthermore both of them are brown and the typical saarlooswolfhond-forest-brown is often a kind of reddish - like one would imagine the hair- and beardcolour of Thor himself. So we want to to dedicate them to Thor - may they live under his protection!

The last part of her name, I assume it will be her calling name, will be Wahya. This is the only "non-nordic" name any of the pups gets, but it was the wish of her future owners and according to them it means "wolf" in the language of the Cherokee. So even one of our dogs got an Indian-name, hehe.

Tomorrow I will continue with the explanation of the next name: Adis Eyrún Tova

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