Thursday, 7 May 2009

Name explanation Part 4

Let's continue with the fourth name today:

Howling Northwind
Adis Eyrún Tova (Alfa 4):

The first part of the name Adis (Å or A) can have 3 different meanings, namely
1. the ancient norse anu, meaning "ancestor",
the old norse egg, meaning "(a sword's) edge" or
ancient norse *agh, meaning 'fright, terror, fear'
The second element (-dis) stands for the "disir" (old norse dis) which are very old female godesses in the ancient germanic/northern mythology.
While choosing this name for Alfa 4 we mainly had the first meaning "ancestor" combined with the holy power of the disir on our mind. We wish her to become as great as her parents, protected by the spirit of these age-old godesses.

The first element of the name Eyrún derives from the old norse auja and means "fortune, gift", the element rún is also old norse and means "secret lore".
Of course the friendship of a dog is a kind of gift and/or fortune, but there's also something inexplicable about this unique connection between an anilmal and man - for us this is a kind of secret lore. And a wolfdog is the best teacher on that matter! So this name stands for the luck of learning something that is beyond human understanding.

Her calling name will be Tova. This name has a relation to Thor again, one of the most important and mightiest gods of the old northern pantheon. The name of Thor goes back to the Old Norse root *þun and means "thunder". Besides being a very nice sounding name it shall grant her the shelter of this divine protector!

Tomorrow I will continue with the explanation of the last name: Anu-windur Tjalve

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