Saturday, 9 May 2009

back on the first floor

As you may remember, the puppies were upstairs in our bedroom for the first 2 weeks to avoid tensions between the both adult dogs Skadi and Isa. Now they and their home have returned to the place of their birth in our living room.
Here they will be able to learn that ordinary sounds or visitors, plain and simple common human life, means no harm to them.
Furthermore it is good for both adult females to get used to the situation - Especially Skadi has to learn that Isa is not dangerous for her offspring.
During the last days we had them together from time to time and it worked out fine - but it is still a somehow risky atmosphere. But Isa is doing it very fine - she seems to like the puppies like they would be her own. One of them was crawling over to her, trying to drink (out of order ;)) and Isa started immediately to lick and clean it the same way Skadi does - and she did refuse to give the pup back to Skadi!
Otherwise it is very clear now who is the boss of them both - Isa ocasionally behaves even submissive and careful - something pretty unusual for her.

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