Friday, 15 May 2009

Alfa - day 23

It is a bit later today than usual, but we have good news. We have cleared a hurdle that was very important for our pack - Skadi accepted Isa into the enclosure around the whelping box. We left the door open to let the more curious ones of the puppies fully enjoy their drive to explore their enviroment. The inevitable meeting of Isa and Wahya who was brave enough to leave the safe enclosure passed off without aggressive intervention by Skadi. Afterwards Skadi accepted even that Isa followed with her to the puppies in the whelping box. We are very happy that this step is taken and we are proud to see that Isa's social behaviour is much better than we occasionally thought. She is quite submissive towards Skadi and almost motherly affable and protective towards the pups!
But today even something else we are pretty used to comes to an end. Due to the lack of an accurate scales that is able to weigh more than 2 kg, we will finish the daily weighing.
Roffe has passed the 2 kg border today and "ERROR" is not an accurate measure, I think...
Form now on you will get a weight-update weekly, but a rather rough one I guess, for the most scales that measure more than the usual kitchen scales have somehow vague displays. And we don't want to pay a lot of money for a new digital one that is not able to measure so much more.
But instead you will get bigger pictures of each one again!

Weight: 1943g

Weight: 2009g (maybe more, but for the above mentioned reasons it was not possible to be more exact)

Weight: 1787g

Weight: 1928g

Weight: 1790g

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