Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Name explanation Part 2

Let's look at the second name today:

Howling Northwind Audgrim Roffe (Alfa 2):

The first element of the name Audgrim derives from Old Norse auðr = "prosperity, fortune", the second part, the Old Norse word gríma means "mask, helmet".
We liked this name from the first time we saw it, we like the sound and the meaning. Prosperity and fortune are of course very positive aspects, features that can be brought into ones life by a dog - there is no bigger prosperity than the true friendship of a dog. The mask is something very typical for the breed Saarlooswolfhond and in fact it really resembles the most common form of viking helmets...

Roffe is a short form of Rudolf/Rodulf and was choosen by his future owner.
The long form of this name consists of the parts
hróðr (Old Norse)/hrôt (Old Saxon) which means "fame, praise" and the Old Norse ulfr/Old High German wolf which means - you guess it - wolf. Of course every breeder wishes that his dogs will be acknowledged, that he can contribute to the breed in a positive way - well, that's a kind of fame or praise. The connection between dogs (especially wolfdogs) and wolves is certainly clear.

Tomorrow I will continue with the explanation of the next name: Alva Röskva Wahya.

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