Sunday, 17 May 2009

Alfa - day 25

Now they are everywhere!
This morning at 6 o'clock the puppies started an invasion and conquered the whole first floor of our house. Now the quiet time is over and screaming, growling, barking pups are everywhere.
You won't believe how many 5 puppies can be - I can't imagine how it would be to have 10 of them - it seems impossible to me ;)
It's a bit like in those stupid old zombie-films - a bunch of staggering monsters follow and attack you if you dare to stay. But unlike these films it is not an attack to harm you and eat your brains, but an offensive of affection and play and a try to eat your socks - pleasant to be captured by these little beasts!
Furthermore we were visited today by Wahya's future owners from Denmark - very nice people who will certainly give her the best home we could wish for. It was funny to see, that she was the first one of the puppies which came to welcome the visitors - she loved them right from the start, I think.

Now all of them started to eat - actually Tjalve who held back yesterday turnend into a real eating machine - all of them devour what they can and do not even spare Skadi's meal.


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