Sunday, 24 May 2009

Alfa - day 32

Let's start this day's blog entry with this little "education-video". It nice to see how Skadi and Isa playfully educate the small ones. Fortunately we still have a nice weather most of the time, which makes it possible for the dogs to spend some time outside the house.

The last days we had multiple visitors which was both - a nice exercice for the puppies and an increase of stress for the adult dogs. While I think that Skadi managed it quite well and stayed relatively relaxed, Isa suffered a bit from all this excitement - it was simply too much for her.
The biggest surprise was Skadi's acceptance of a completely foreign dog. The future owners of Arn, who visited us from Thursday to Saturday, had their 6 month old Saarloos-female Kaya with them. Skadi even allowed her to play with the puppies for a while, first intervening when the romp got to wild. Then she showed with distinct short signals that the game was over - a pretty amazing souvereign social behavior.

Today we dewormed the puppies for the second time. This means that we had to weigh them out of sequence and of course I will make these new weights public.

Weight: 3200g

Weight: 3650g

Weight: 2850g

Weight: 3200g

Weight: 2925g

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