Friday, 1 May 2009

Alfa - day 9

As supposed, also Alfa 2 and Alfa 4 doubled their birth-weights today. The eyes are still closed, but you can already see small slits in the lids, so they will certainly open them very soon.

Don't be shocked that you see only one picture for all instead of one for each of them - if you click on it you still get them in the same big size as always - we just want to try to save some space.
Let's see how this works, okay?!

Alfa 1
Weight in the morning: 901g
Weight in the evening: 923g

Alfa 2
Weight in the morning: 955g

Weight in the evening: 991g

Alfa 3
Weight in the morning: 796g

Weight in the evening: 815g

Alfa 4
Weight in the morning: 869g

Weight in the evening: 883g

Alfa 5
Weight in the morning: 766g
Weight in the evening: 800g

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