Monday, 4 May 2009

A time of growth...

Even if the weather today is not as nice as the last few days, I went for a longer walk with the dogs before noon. It is exactly the kind of diversion from breast-feeding the pups, that Skadi seems to need occasionally. And it was wonderful!

All is in bloom, a fresh feeling of renewal pervades everything. It is sunny and green, but yet without the suffocating heat of summer. And in fact we met this new life in form of these small bird chicks, resting on our path. The mother had escaped into the bushes, leaving them without a shelter - giving me the opportunity to make this picture. And no - the dogs did NOT kill them, of course!

The only thing that troubles me, is the fact that I can't say what species these chicks belong to - back at home I tried to figure it out about an hour - without success. If some of you have an idea, please contact me!

The last stop on our walk was this little creek where the dogs could refresh themselves and have a small play. In fact Skadi is play a lot more now - it seems that giving birth to the 5 puppies for her was a fountain of youth in a way.

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