Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Alfa - day 21

Slowly it is getting a bit uncomfortable for mama Skadi - the first teeth are growing, everyone of them has one or two that already broke through.
They are licking and biting everthing that comes into their ways - and, like yesterdays videos showed, they are playfully fighting with each other all the time.

For us it is slowly getting harder to daily weigh the pups - our scale is reaching it's limits soon. We have to get a bigger one now...

Today I will write a bit about their tempers again - they already have very different "personalities" yet...
But please pay attention that these descriptions are more a kind of current impression than an accurate characterisations.

Weight: 1809g

The snoppy one

He turned into a very nosy and friendly puppy - if you come close to the whelping box, he will certainly be one of the first ones to welcome you.
He is one of the more active pups. He is no longer the noisy and screaming troublemaker and he's becoming sweeter day by day.
If you take him and hold him in your arm, he is a bit restless - he rather wants to move around.

Weight: 1883g

The cheiftain

He is still the boss of the whelping-box, but a very calm one. If you take him up and hold him in your arm, he will most likely fall asleep. A very nice and uncomplicated whelp.


Weight: 1680g

The pleasant one

She is so nice!!! She is really looking for contact - hold your hand into the whelping box and after a few seconds she will certainly be there to lick or bite your fingers. Like Arn she don't likes it that much if you take her up and hold her - she also wants to move - and she moves fast! Her second name Röskva (the fast one) has already become a fulfilled prophecy.

Weight: 1804g

The hell's angel

Like Roffe she is the boss-type - but she is more active and also more vigilant than her big brother. She also likes the contact with us and she has no problem when we take her up and hold her. She can be really nice - but also a real bitch.

Weight: 1634g

Baby Boy

He is still the small brother, nice and calm - a real baby. He is very sweet - in appearance as well as in behaviour. Always in the background he is no troublemaker at all. When we make fotos he very fast starts to howl and scream for his mother.

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