Friday, 10 April 2009

52nd day: the troublemakers start moving

I guess everyone who ever had a pregnant bitch at home knows, that you are waiting for one special thing right from the day of mating - that you can feel the first signs of life in her belly.
An ultrasound-picture is a nice proof though it's quite abstract, but to really feel something moving - it's simply "WOW"! And today we finally could make this experience ourselves, filled with deep respect for the forces of nature and the circles of life, it's just amazing!

Also Skadi's insatiable hunger and her tries to burrow herself into every hole are certainly signs for the approaching event...

Apart from that everything is going it's more or less normal ways - Skadi still enjoys her play with Isa in the spring sun. But it seems like the days are getting harder for Isa now.
Skadi is showing some more dominant behavior, especially while eating.

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