Monday, 27 April 2009

Alfa - day 5

A real quiet day comes to an end soon. After finishing this blog entry, we will take Skadi and Isa for a little walk in the twilight.
Skadi is now very hungry again - quite understandable I would say! Today you will get some additional information concerning the pups - namely our first impressions about every single one of them!

Alfa 1Weight in the morning: 589g
Weight in the evening: 622g

Alfa 1 is the loudmouth of the gang - he is recognizable by is voice and of course by his color - therefore he is also the grey one ;)

Alfa 2
Weight in the morning: 697g
Weight in the evening: 716g

As you can see when you look at his weight, it is quite obvious that he is the boss - the big king of the ring!

Alfa 3Weight in the morning: 541g
Weight in the evening: 581g

Just look at the today's picture and you know it yourself - she is the sweetest of them all!

Alfa 4Weight in the morning: 579g
Weight in the evening: 596g

She is a really nice one - and a quiet one, too.
She is the exact opposite of her two first born brothers - only seldom comes a sweet little voice out of her mouth.
But in one thing she is like her bigger brother Alfa 2 - she's very often seen at the milk bar!

Alfa 5Weight in the morning: 485g
Weight in the evening: 516g

He is the little one, the nestling. He makes also a very calm and friendly impression.

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