Wednesday, 15 April 2009

57th day

For those of you who might think that Skadi's just lying around all the time (I admit that this impression is quite natural when you look at the pictures of the last days...) - here's the proof!

She is still very active, even if she probably is a bit less agile cause of her huge belly and weight.
She has gained something around 9 kilos, even Isa gained weight - I guess it was a bit too much food maybe.

We have to pay a lot of attention to her now, because she trying harder and harder to creep under or into every hole or gap - outside and inside the house.
Naturally we don't want her to get her pups under our entrance-way, which means we have to keep our eyes open all the time. This is the place she would choose for whelping:Even if I can understand this really instinctive coice in a way - Keep on dreaming, Skadi!

Her temperatures today were 37,5°C (morning) and 37,6°C in the evening - so no puppy-warning for the next 24 hours...

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