Sunday, 26 April 2009

Alfa - day 4

Skadi is feeling really fine, that's actually something I hadn't thought before. I mean, the birth, the puppies and everything around it means a lot of stress. But Skadi is as relaxed as possible, enjoying our tender loving care as much as playing with Isa. This morning we went to the small pond on our yard, were both, the dogs and we humans, had a really nice time. We are very glad to see that there's no whatsoever tension between our adult dogs - both have accepted the unusual situation and are happy to meet 3 or 4 times a day. Let's hope it will stay this way all the time!

Alfa 1Weight in the morning: 521g
Weight in the evening: 546g

Alfa 2Weight in the morning: 649g
Weight in the evening: 664g

Alfa 3
Weight in the morning: 468g
Weight in the evening: 503g

Alfa 4Weight in the morning: 534g
Weight in the evening: 547g

Alfa 5Weight in the morning: 440g
Weight in the evening: 456g

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