Friday, 24 April 2009

The day after the birth

Now we are all a bit recovered from the efforts of the last days and it is time to inform you about every single puppy. They will get no complete names during the first 2 or 3 weeks, since we want to have a little first impression of their tempers before. Potential owners who contact us in this time, will have a possibility to influence the full names of their puppy. I will write about the topic names another time. Now it is only important to know, that everyone of the pups will be called "Alfa"+ the number of birthorder until they get their real names. So the first one is Alfa 1 and so on...
I will give you daily detailed information about growth, weight gain and of course pictures of every pup under the headline "Alfa"

Some words about the birth itself.
It was of course a breathtaking experience, crowned by the aspect of Skadi's unbelievable instincts - it was looking like she had never done anything else before.
As you already know if you read this blog a bit longer, Skadi is not the fastest dog in the world.
Also in this case she took the time she needed and had a rhythm of around 2 hours between most of the whelps. But she was suprisingly calm all the time and seemed not stressed at all while the actual process of the birth was going on.

Every pup did drink shortly after the birth and was taken care of by Mama-Skadi who really does a good job!

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