Thursday, 30 April 2009

Alfa - day 8

Today the puppies are one week old and have already doubled their weights, at least three of them. Suprisingly it is Alfa 2 and 4 (the biggest ones) who did not reach the goal, but I am sure they will get it tomorrow! This time we made the pictures of the day a bit different - holding them in our hands shows you better how big they have grown yet!

Some words about Skadi - As you probably know, at least if you followed this blog since her pregnancy, she was digging all the time in the weeks before whelping and there was one special place under our doorway that she liked most. Well, her attempts to burrow herself down into this hole hasn't ceased at all after getting the pups and today she finally made it. Just to become stuck there... I guess she speculated that we would finally understand, that this is the best place to nurture her offspring and that we would be so nice to bring them to her... But we are not and she is in her whelping box again - doing her job!

Alfa 1Weight in the morning: 810g
Weight in the evening: 849g

Alfa 2Weight in the morning: 893g
Weight in the evening: 920g

Alfa 3Weight in the morning: 740g
Weight in the evening: 747g

Alfa 4Weight in the morning: 796g
Weight in the evening: 818g

Alfa 5Weight in the morning: 711g
Weight in the evening: 726g

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