Friday, 24 April 2009

Alfa - After the birth

Here some infos about every birth and some pictures of the few minutes old pups. Thanks for the pictures to Marleen!
Daily updates will follow every evening after the second weighing.

Alfa 1
He was the first one of the 5 who arrived on this earth and at the moment he came out we did not anticipate that he would stay the only one with grey color in the whole litter.
He came with his back side first but fortunately without any problems at 2.45 o'clock and had a birth weight of 411g.

Alfa 2
The second one who came was an "order" by Katrien who wanted a brown male - a small Kiowa maybe? He came head first at 3.30 o'clock and is with a birth weight of 492g the strongest of the the litter. He was a very active one right from the start and is still Skadi's best customer at the milk bar...

Alfa 3Since I know far less brown females, we wished that we would get one - and we got even two!
She came at 5.26 o'clock with her tail first and weighed 373g in the moment of her birth.

Alfa 4After further 2 hours we could welcome a second brown female. I filmed her birth and you can watch it on youtube. She came out head first at 7.37 o'clock and she tipped the scales at 422g.
She had a bit slime in her mouth and so she needed some assistance in the beginning.

Alfa 5The second brown male who came yesterday at 9.50 o'clock is at the same time the smallest/lightest of Skadi's litter and had a birth weight of 358g. He also came with his head first. He seems to be slightly darker and a bit more long haired than the other ones yet.

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