Friday, 24 April 2009

Alfa - day 2

So, here we go with this day's news.
We changed the position of the whelping box today to avoid that Isa comes to close to it. We have two females who have very special relation to each other, a relation we don't want to risk.
If Isa would come to close to the puppies she could be attacked in defense by Skadi - that could be the end of the peace in our pack.
Skadi and her pups went upstairs to our bedroom, a quiet place that can also be locked.
Even if we were thinking about more or less completely seperating the two adults, we had to realize that this would not work. Isa is really stressed and also Skadi is very agitated if she had no possibilty to meet Isa at least from time to time. So they can meet and play together under our careful supervision.
We will see if everything works fine, if yes it will stay this way for the next two-three weeks.

I posted some more pics in a new thread on the wolfhonden-online forum. Just have a look!

Alfa 1Weight in the morning: 422g
Weight in the evening: 441g

Alfa 2
Weight in the morning: 520g
Weight in the evening: 552g

Alfa 3
Weight in the morning: 390g
Weight in the evening: 416g

Alfa 4Weight in the morning: 435g
Weight in the evening: 455g

Alfa 5
Weight in the morning: 361g
Weight in the evening: 381g

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