Saturday, 18 April 2009

60th day Part 2

At the moment it seems that our visitors won't arrive today, there was a bit too much traffic on the good old Autobahn near Hamburg. But Skadi is without any doubt waiting for them, at least if we trust in the temperature measures. We measured some more times during this day and it was still only slightly changing and ended up with - you guess it - 37,6°C, the same measure as the last 5 days, too.
Skadi's hunger was back today - she ate as usual and without rejecting the food like yesterday.
But we did not give her that much food, because we want to relieve the gastro-intestinal system a bit before the birth.
She is still very calm and relaxed, spending a lot of time in the whelping box which is a very good sign of acceptance I would suppose... But in contrast to Skadi we are slowly getting nervous - it's like to be on tenterhooks!
Let's see what tomorrow brings...

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