Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Alfa - day 7

It's unbelieveable how they grow! Tomorrow they are already one week old, just a few days more and they will open their eyes! Fantastic!
Finally all is turning green outside, the trees got the first leafs and it is quite warm for the time of the year. Everything is at peace here and Brunnsberga is a place of joy! I hope it will still be so when the time has come to go out with the puppies for the first time, but I guess it will be rainy and grey then... However, it is a beautiful time to have puppies!

Alfa 1Weight in the morning: 740g
Weight in the evening: 760g

Alfa 2Weight in the morning: 812g
Weight in the evening: 834g

Alfa 3Weight in the morning: 679g
Weight in the evening: 692g

Alfa 4Weight in the morning: 705g
Weight in the evening: 732g

Alfa 5Weight in the morning: 626g
Weight in the evening: 646g

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